AGM Meeting 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the MCYFL will take place on

Monday 17th June 2019 at Winnington Rec Club at 7.00 pm



Geoff Jackson  Tommy Bailey Jo Eastwood                John Lightfoot Bob Barton

Marie Heath                Gordon Styles Carlene Elliott Roger Moss                 Mike Evans

Anthony Eastwood     Rachael Van Embden  Jill Bailey         Graham Newton        


Frank Beaumont         Phil Horne       Mike Smith      Karen Ellison   Steven Edwards

Matt Craig                  

Clubs Present:-

1874 Northwich          Brookfield Rangers     Congleton Rovers       Cuddington                 Davenham

Frodsham Juniors       Frodsham Park            Goostrey         Grappenhall                HCH     Hurdsfield Phoenix

Macclesfield Boys       Macclesfield Tigers     Middlewich Centurions          Middlewich Town Youth

Moss Rose                   Nantwich Pumas         Newton Athletic          Northwich Victoria     Park Royal

Ruskin Park                 Rylands                       Sandbach Utd Tarvin AFC                   Vale Juniors

Weaverham                Willaston                     Winsford Colts Winsford Diamonds   

Winsford Over 3         Witton Albion Woodford

Clubs Absent:-

AFC Alsager              Barnton         Betley Youth            Crewe FC      Crewe Arrows

Hartford                    Helsby           NAR Sports               Rudheath Academy           Rudheath Youth

Tytherington           Wistaston

1)Chairman’s Report Thank you for all the parts of this league, from the committee members to the secretaries, welfare officers, managers/coaches and players; without whom we couldn’t be the league we are. There have been a number of changes since the last AGM, we have a new secretary who has done a sterling job, thank you, alongside our new competitions secretary, who I would also like to thank for some fabulous cup finals. Our divisional reps do a fantastic job of keeping track of their age groups, the referees secretaries. I thought that the job had been done well previously, but credit to them they have got better and better as time goes on. There also appears to be less complaints and issues around this area as the relationships with the referees develops. The LMC have interviewed for the divisional rep roles, and are pleased to welcome Mike Warburton at U12’s and Alison Duckworth at U13’s. Finally, we need to acknowledge this man beside me, our president. This season he has been immense, he is the man who knows everything we need and has assisted at every level, knowing SCORY inside out and advising the new officers as they are learning the job. He is a credit to everyone and we are very lucky to have him as part of the MCYFL- on behalf of the league, I thank you Geoff.
2)   3)To confirm the Minutes of the previous AGM Agreed as a true record Proposed JE Seconded JL   Adoption of Standing Orders None to be approved  
4)To receive and adopt the Annual Report, Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts Audited accounts have been distributed to the member clubs and the Management committee. Approved Proposed GJ   Seconded JL  
5)ELECTION OF NEW CLUBS Not applicable as no new clubs have been elected.  
6)Constitution of the Competition for next Season U7 – 18 teams (2 groups) U8 – 24 teams (3 groups) U9 – 27 teams (2 groups) U10 – 27 teams (3 groups) U11 – 39 teams (6 groups, to be reviewed in season) U12 – 42 teams (5 Divisions) U13 – 40 teams (4 Divisions) U14 – 35 teams (4 Divisions) U15 – 36 teams (4 Divisions) U16 – 25 teams (3 Divisions) U18 – 31 teams (3 Divisions)   Proposed JE Seconded TB  
7)ELECTION OF OFFICERS, MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE President – Geoff Jackson Chairman Tommy Bailey Secretary Jo Eastwood Treasurer John Lightfoot Registrations Jo Eastwood Competitions Carlene Elliott Referees Marie Heath; Gordon Styles CWO Bob Barton   Divisional Representatives U7 Mike Evans U8 Anthony Eastwood U9 Rachael van Embden U10 Roger Moss U11 Anthony Eastwood U12 Mike Warburton U13 Alison Duckworth U14 Carlene Elliott U15 Frank Beaumont U16 Jill Bailey U18 Graham Newton Proposed JE Seconded GJ  
8)  Appointment of Auditors and Solicitor Moss & Hazelhurst Mike Gore   Proposed JL seconded GJ  
9)Proposed Rule changes   All managers/coaches to have an in-date CRC and safe guarding certificate Votes 39 Yes 1 No – motion approved U12’s age group to KO on a Saturday from season 2019-2020 Votes 34 Yes 4 No – motion approved Changes to the transfer deadline date Votes 33 Yes 6 No – motion approved  
10)(i)Adoption  of Standard code of rules Unanimous show of hands (ii)Adoption of Management Rules and Regulations as per SCORY Rule 5 (H) Unanimous show of hands
11)DATES OF PLAYING SEASON (7th September to 17th May) Proposed JE seconded GJ
12)AOB of which notice has been duly given Geoff Jackson:- As a league we have had a turbulent year, we had a major GDPR breach and were close to receiving a substantial fine. As this was traced to one person, we lost our secretary. As a result we restructured and appointed Jo and Carlene, as league secretary and competitions secretary respectively. Many thanks to Carlene who has done a fantastic job and any of you were present at any of the cup finals, am sure you will agree, she did a superb job. Jo as secretary has worked hard and although made a few mistakes, which we all do as we are human, has done an excellent job. Both Jo and Carlene have had and will continue to have a steep learning curve but nothing they won’t be able to deal with. Please be aware and make your managers aware that this season due to the internal turmoil we have issued no fines, however this will not be the way we are to continue.   Meeting Closed:- 7.29pm   Jo Eastwood   League Secretary